• Soundcraft Ui Digital Mixers

    Can be controlled by any connected device via a standard web browser - no Apps, no OS limitations.

    Soundcraft Ui16 16-input Remote-Controlled Digital Mixer
  • Crown XLS Amp Clearance

    Light-weight with integrated crossovers and switch-mode power supplies to produce superior sound, and Peakx™ limiters protect your speakers.

    Crown XLS Amp Clearance
  • QSC K Series

    The new standard in lightweight 
    powered loudspeaker systems.

  • JTS In Ears

    Breaking the price barrier for all musicians...now anyone and everyone can enjoy good affordable in ear monitors.

  • QSC TouchMix Compact Digital Mixers

    Designed for musicians, production professionals and live performance venues.

    QSC TouchMix-16 Compact Digital Mixer
  • Allen & Heath Qu-16

    Taking compact digital mixing to a whole new level with innovative design and exceptional functionality


Welcome to Cannon Sound & Light

Cannon Sound And Light offers a broad range of professional audio and lighting products that offer great value for money. Having come from a rental background we focus on reliable products that we would ourselves use. We have developed systems that ensure the efficient and timely delivery of all orders. Our broad Australia-wide customer base includes many bands, schools, churches and clubs. More about us.....


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  • Build Yourself A Killer Single 18 Inch Horn Loaded Sub! 26 May 15. A good customer of ours built this sub for the SD18-1700N with plans supplied by P.Audio. He got a fantastic result and is happy for anyone to call him if they would like to discuss it with him. He'll even build them for you. For cabinet plans as well as details and specs for the SD18-1700N please click here.
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